think before you tattoo

Posted in art, arts of the sailor, hudson river, tattoos by bowsprite on 2011/04/26

Elizabeth, of Green My Bodega, loves the Hudson River: “I thought of getting a tattoo of the Hudson River that ran along the length of my leg. But then I realized it would look like a giant varicose vein.”

Join her and many others at the Festival of Ideas for the New City,  May 4 – 8, at happenings around the city. Green My Bodega and Foodshed Market‘s Mapping Present and Imagined Food Systems will be at the StreetFest on Saturday, May 7th from 11:00am – 7:00pm.  It is “A presentation of posters, maps, and illustrations visualizing aspects of our present and imagining the potential regional food system.” Here are two designs that were submitted:

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  1. tugster said, on 2011/04/26 at 10:26

    hmmm . .. full depiction of the hudson watershed via the tattooer’s ink . . . i knew i always wanted to explore the complete river and dip my fingers into the source . . .

    • bowsprite said, on 2011/04/26 at 10:38

      you wander too close to Champlain canal and I’ll have to slap your hand.

  2. Mage Bailey said, on 2011/04/26 at 15:32

    Now that would look great on my back. 🙂 Yup, wonderful drawings. You and your ideas give me great cheer. 🙂

    • bowsprite said, on 2011/04/27 at 05:13

      and your comments give me great cheer, thank you Mage and all!

  3. Michael said, on 2011/04/26 at 16:04

    Isn’t this a family blog?

    • bowsprite said, on 2011/04/27 at 05:14

      well, you got geography and now it’s veering into American Revolution…

  4. o docker said, on 2011/04/26 at 21:42

    “When her robe is unfurled, she will show you the world,
    If you step up and tell her where.
    For a dime you can see Kankakee or Paris,
    Or Washington crossing the Delaware.”

  5. Baydog said, on 2011/04/26 at 22:37

    Heck, I could show you where Washington crossed the Delaware!

  6. bowsprite said, on 2011/04/27 at 05:11

    “Down in a Valley,
    A Valley called Forge,
    All of the men said,
    ‘We’re freezing, by George.'”

  7. tugster said, on 2011/04/27 at 05:37

    ok ok i git it . . . you mean . . you mean . . . what u sayin is … “tink before you ink”

  8. Buck said, on 2011/04/27 at 14:24

    After the previous raft of comments I hesitate to say it, but
    Eat local!

  9. o docker said, on 2011/04/28 at 00:04

    This reminds me of some local entrepreneurs who applied a new twist to the ‘grow it at home’ movement. They bought up suburban tract homes, drew the drapes, and soon had verdant crops growing in all of the bedrooms.

    Things were going great until neighbors noticed most harvesting and deliveries happening by moonlight.

    The cops’ only complaint – not enough weed killer.

  10. mthew said, on 2011/04/29 at 12:14

    A fish named Paumanok would make a great tat, too.

  11. tugster said, on 2011/04/29 at 18:31

    such ideas you’ve drawn out . . .

  12. Kamin said, on 2011/05/03 at 02:17

    Regional food by water depended heavily on the scow hull design. Anyone building one?

    • billcanoe said, on 2011/05/04 at 13:26

      You bet! We are going start to build one very soon. Can we build a few for you too? Economies of scale, you know…

      Here’s a description ( — look around our website for the other small craft we’ve built.

      Note: no electrons were killed during the making of our boats.

  13. alice said, on 2011/05/04 at 22:18

    i thought by now she’d at least be painting something fishy on her toenails . . . or weasels along the river banks . . . or vessels on the river

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