hitting the head

Posted in cranes, hitting the head by bowsprite on 2010/12/17

A port director was up in a crane, in the seat, unloading a ship. He had an important business meeting to attend: new potential clients that he was eager to impress. He finished a lift, stepped out of the cab, relieved himself, and climbed down the ladder.

His clients, in business suits and ties, were early and were in his office. They were impressed by the port. “And it is such an different experience to be by the water! Blue skies, not a cloud, but we felt raindrops!”

What do you enjoy most about your crane operator job? some responses here.

Thx, once again, Capt BBo’MJ!

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  1. Max said, on 2010/12/18 at 02:58

    Christine you’ve captured that really well, I often sail past big tankers at the oil terminal but it’s really hard to capture their scale and magnificence in a photo – or at least in my photos.

    Best regards for the Christmas Holiday


  2. Michael said, on 2010/12/18 at 10:42

    Urine falling from the sky onto my head…I HATE when that happens!

  3. tugster said, on 2010/12/18 at 19:07

    Yellow rain is milder than blue ice lfalling off the tail of an airplane.

  4. Elizabeth said, on 2010/12/18 at 19:09

    In high school we used to say the only thing worse than being pissed off was being pissed on. Maybe we were wrong 🙂

  5. So I’m shaking my head from side to side here. That crane operator must have really really had to go.

  6. bowsprite said, on 2010/12/19 at 01:04

    hello, All! this is a story that happened about 30 yrs ago. Maybe regulations or etiquette changed since then: seems like operators carry their water up and down these days. And, maybe people who run the ports don’t spend time on the cranes anymore like they used to…

  7. Tillerman said, on 2010/12/19 at 09:25

    We were always warned not to eat the “yellow snow.” I guess we should add to that a warning not to stand in the “yellow rain.”

    Love the title of your post. Gives “hitting the head” a whole new meaning?

  8. Vagabonde said, on 2010/12/20 at 07:54

    So you say this happened 30 years ago? Do you mean this is a true story? I thought it was a New York joke! My…

  9. Buck said, on 2010/12/20 at 11:10

    Nothing like having a human figure to add scale to a drawing!

  10. o docker said, on 2010/12/20 at 22:58

    This changes my whole thinking about management.

    I thought the guys in the suits were always looking out for number one.

  11. Michael said, on 2010/12/22 at 08:35

    o docker…nice.

    Instead of signs designating a hard hat area they should call for umbrellas.

  12. Whatzit? 7 « tugster: a waterblog said, on 2010/12/22 at 12:35

    […] though she glowers at me whenever I say it, the six-eyed bowsprite IS perspicacious.  As she hops from cliff to cliff and down along the ledges near water level, she […]

  13. Pat said, on 2010/12/22 at 15:02

    Gee, all the poor guy would need would be 100′ of flexible plastic tubing and a funnel… then the coffeemaker could be permanent fixture inside the crane cab and all would be well.

  14. Mage Bailey said, on 2010/12/26 at 20:35

    Oh, thanks for the grin and the story to share this holiday. You are a dear.

  15. Mage Bailey said, on 2011/01/02 at 18:10

    Happy Holidays, happy new year, just smiling to see you.

  16. Michael said, on 2011/01/07 at 13:11

    Time to let the colors tinkle onto a new page, please!

  17. Pandabonium said, on 2011/01/20 at 03:48

    Trickle down theory. Pisser.

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