near the old fulton fish market

Posted in Fulton Fish Market by bowsprite on 2010/11/21

Once upon a time, the Fulton Fish Market was the most important wholesale fish market on the east coast of this country. Fishing vessels from across the Atlantic Ocean would come into our harbor to sell their catch. In the ’50’s, trucks replaced the boats.

Naima Rauam was there when the trucks pulled in, when the boxes would be stacked and cracked open, and when metal bins of fires would be stoked to keep the workers warm in the dark hours of cold winter predawn. She would be there working there on her canvases alongside with them. Her paintings are up at 210 Front Street / Beekman St, and today at 3pm, Jack Putnam, a seaport historian, will read from the works of Joseph Mitchell. Details here.

Barbara Mensch is my favorite photographer of this world now gone.

And! today, the New Amsterdam Market revives the market and commerce on the old streets, at South St and Peck Slip, selling local arts-of-the-food. The market is held every sunday until mid-December (except for Thxgiving weekend.) The mood is always lively; come support and enjoy!

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  1. tugster said, on 2010/11/22 at 13:32

    i love the barrel here. barrels (and all the associated containers) were the containers and plastic bags of a previous era. and although we tend to call them all barrels if they’re made of wood, someone from another era might have distinguished among cask, firkin, kilderkin, keg, hogshead, butt, rundlet, tierce, puncheon, and pipe and maybe more.

  2. Buck said, on 2010/11/23 at 14:56

    Glorious when enlarged.
    Unlike amphorae, barrels tend to disintegrate. When we find an old vessel under the sea, we’re not likely to be able to admire the work of the cooper as well as we can here.

  3. Mage Bailey said, on 2010/11/25 at 19:57

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours dear Bowsprite. 🙂

  4. Michael said, on 2010/11/29 at 11:24

    I too am an admirer of your barrel. Will, props for “cask, firkin, kilderkin, keg, hogshead, butt, rundlet, tierce, puncheon, and pipe” etc! I’ve only heard of casks and kegs (i’ve read hogshead but had no idea what it referred to.)

  5. Pat (rgscpat, desertsea) Byrnes said, on 2010/12/02 at 05:47

    Watch out for O Docker’s project!

  6. Filippo said, on 2010/12/06 at 06:51

    Hi! I go on Finn class here in Italy,
    I usually read your blog and i like it very much; I have one sailing blog: It is great if we exchange our links. What do you think about it?

    Good Wind


  7. Aimee Landry said, on 2010/12/08 at 00:41

    Fellow bike fanatic and rector pl resident who wants to talk to you about the bike parking situation. Love your blog, pictures. -aimee

  8. Vagabonde said, on 2010/12/11 at 13:45

    I missed the New Amsterdam market when we were in NYC last, but then we only went during the week. I’d love to be in New York now close to the holidays when there are so many lights and beautiful displays.

  9. mageb said, on 2010/12/12 at 15:52

    The semester should be almost over. Hurrah.

    We are just doing a Holland America cruise to Mexico. The Oosterdam….the ship my friend Peter Knego the ship historian calls the Toaster. The joy of it is that not only was the cruise on sale, but it leaves from San Diego and comes back to San Diego. 🙂 Hugs……..

  10. Michael said, on 2010/12/13 at 09:38

    It’s time to tap the art keg…please may we have a new drawing?

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