back by popular demand/command

Posted in coast guard cutters by bowsprite on 2010/04/02

Back by popular demand, the barrel is hereby returned to its rightful place on the OTO-Melara 76mm cannon of the CGC Escanaba.

Due to well-meaning–but unfounded–national security concerns, the gun barrel had been omitted. The illustrator apologizes for any crudities (crudites?) that may have occurred as a result of this misguided emasculation.

“the deck gun…retracted…?” — from a reader

“Didn’t you forget the gun barrel here ?
As a male, it seems important to me.”
— from another reader

Sorry, Commander Ed.

Click here to see the goings-on onboard the Escanaba.

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  1. Carol Lois Haywood said, on 2010/04/03 at 02:06

    Everyone’s an art critic!

  2. Max said, on 2010/04/03 at 06:53

    clearly the absence of the gun barrel was a device used by the artist to reinforce the underlying metaphore of the picture!

    Great picture

  3. […] that time.  The deck gun here is a 100mm GIAT;  compare with the 76mm Otobreda depicted in the blog with the best maritime drawings in the world, […]

  4. Vagabonde said, on 2010/04/03 at 10:23

    I cannot comment on the gun as I don’t know anything about it, but I can say that I like this little sketch and the colors are great, mostly the blue. I understand then, that you came back to NY OK and am looking forward to hearing about your trip to Le Havre.

  5. O Docker said, on 2010/04/03 at 10:42

    And I thought you were making a statement about the Escanaba being only a medium endurance cutter.

  6. soundbounder said, on 2010/04/03 at 21:27

    I am really confused!

  7. Andy said, on 2010/04/03 at 22:44

    I just thought it was really cold that day.

  8. Buck said, on 2010/04/05 at 10:53

    The peace dividend at work! It’s a lovely drawing either way; I think it’s impossible to capture ground tackle like that, so I stand in awe seeing it before my very eyes.

  9. tugster said, on 2010/04/05 at 12:43

    whether oto breda or oto melara . . . it’s part of fiat. hmmm…. i like that: gun on or gun off, by fiat. that’s fiat by the artiste?

  10. Baydog said, on 2010/04/08 at 00:31

    The detail in your work is amazing, guns or no guns

  11. Joey said, on 2010/04/09 at 19:43

    It’s been way too long since I’ve popped by to check out your blog C. So lovely!

  12. Baydog said, on 2010/04/10 at 22:22

    Bowsprite: A picture is worth a thousand calories!

  13. Michael said, on 2010/04/16 at 18:23

    So are there no boats to paint in Le Havre? No drawing implements? You could use a cellphone camera as a scanner…

  14. tugster said, on 2010/04/16 at 22:38

    hi michael– rumeur i heard is that bowsprite discovered the mother of all tugboats in lehavre and is painting it . . . rustbusting, then priming, the base coat, then scuffing, then second coat . . . you know, that kinda boat painting takes time, especially in the bad weather they’ve had there. compounding all this is the iceland volcano that has messed up the process. but this tug will get painted and you’ll be blown away, just like the rest of us.

  15. […] put her 76mm canon back on too, after first drawing Escanaba without.  If she can play that, so can I, right?  For news from Escanaba, click […]

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