views of the kill van kull & the arthur kill

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What could be better than to be on an open metal deck of a lovely old boat in the fog, rain, thunder and lightning?

A. looking south into Gulfport Reach

Sunday was the transit of the Pioneer from her home at pier 17 down  to the a marina at the bottom of Staten Island. The trip took 5 hrs motoring at about 6 knots.

B. a view looking north into Newark Bay; Newark Bay Bridge in the background.

C. Howland Hook to port and Port Elizabeth to starboard, we go under the
Arthur Kill Rail Road Lift Bridge first, and then the Goethals Bridge

D. In the background is the Fresh Kills Land Fill

Below, the Pioneer is tied up at the yard in (E.) Tottenville, ready to be hauled out for work.
Ploughshare Point tank farms in the background at the foot of the Outerbridge Crossing.

Weatherly inspiration from Tugster.

An error on my original chart brought up the Boneyard (thanks, Vlad!). Photos of what the ‘graveyard of ships’ looked like once were taken by Shaun o’Boyle and opacity; it does not look like that anymore. Recent views found here and here on Tugster.

Hungry for more views? look at Frogma’s circumnavigation around Staten Island: 50 miles of kayaking in 14 hours!

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  1. alice 0 said, on 2010/03/17 at 04:49

    i love these fotos! yr magical camera has started functioning sgain: somehow its technology–or maybe yr directing of the mechanism–discriminates what detail in yr world need color. all the rest–sky, water, bldgs–is either dark or light. and people have no faces. i love it i love it. how can i get such a device for my voyages?

  2. Bob Easton said, on 2010/03/17 at 06:23

    Let’s hope the return ride is brighter and sunnier. Thanks for the pics Christina!

  3. frank@nycgarden said, on 2010/03/17 at 08:47

    Love that first photo!

  4. co said, on 2010/03/17 at 11:12

    I just love your blog! it is so important and special and I’m so glad to read it. A love poem to the most beautiful harbor in the world.

  5. Mage B said, on 2010/03/17 at 16:48

    Marvelous rich pictures dear you. Lightening, did you say. LOL Hugs……

  6. Weather 4 « tugster: a waterblog said, on 2010/03/18 at 05:43

    […] Dock & Repair, New York harbor, Pegasus, architecture, photos, ships Three days after the stunning but dark color fotos by bowsprite,  it’s St Patrick’s Day, and weather in the sixth boro has […]

  7. bowsprite said, on 2010/03/18 at 06:52

    this just in:
    “On Pioneer, Captain (Richard) Dorfman reports that all went very well with the haul. Pioneer has been pressure washed, blocked up and had the centerboard removed. Zincs have been replaced and engine work is going on. The Coast Guard inspection went very well with zero deficiencies to report. The yard will be painting her soon.”
    –iCaptains Denise Meagher, SSV Lettie G Howard

  8. Vladimir brezina said, on 2010/03/18 at 13:37

    I want to say that I really, really love your blog…but feel compelled to add that the Outerbridge, and indeed Tottenville and your site E, are not where they are shown on your map 🙂
    Vlad Brezina

    • bowsprite said, on 2010/03/18 at 18:36

      ah! thank you, Vlad! no wonder it took 5 hrs! mea culpa. I’ll look and fix it–thank you!!!
      you must know: you kayaked this, yes?

      • Vladimir Brezina said, on 2010/03/18 at 20:21

        Yes, kayaked round Staten Island, including the route you followed, many times. You’ve put the destination of Pioneer, location E, almost exactly where the Graveyard of Ships actually is, a favorite kayaking destination, now sadly being cleaned up. I hope that’s no sort of omen…

  9. Vagabonde said, on 2010/03/18 at 16:04

    Your first photos in different shades of gray evoke a mood, almost menacing. Then going down your post, as soon as the two guys’ jackets appear, in burnt orange and kind of dark goldenrod, the scene looks back to normal. Great atmosphere in your post.

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