ice boating on the hudson, the wreck of Galatea

Posted in hudson river, ice, ice boating, wreck by bowsprite on 2010/02/10

Frogma, Tugster, Hudsonian and Bowsprite walked into a bar…but before that, well, best to read it on Tugster and Frogma!

I cannot say enough what luxury it is when, should a boat break beneath you, you can walk around it’s splintered cockpit, lay out the mast and boom on the surface over which you were just sailing swiftly over, and unbend sails while folks walk over to the boat to help. And such a warm group! Many thanks to everyone at Tivoli Bay and to John Sperr of the Hudson River Ice Yachts Club, for an exhilarating day—really much more adventure than expected!

Tip: while unrigging a broken boat, keep your lines free of shackles and blocks as you will need the ropes to ‘field dress’ your boat to push back to shore.

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  1. […] Galatea, crashed, I’ll postpone the gear post.  And right here at the top, refer you to bowsprite’s just-released video of the last 56 seconds of Galatea here.  Remember to enlarge a foto, just double click on […]

  2. tugster said, on 2010/02/10 at 06:54

    your video is fabulous!! it captures the immediacy of a thrilling run, john, determined and reflective piloting and telling about it, your laughter; THEN the wood splinters, the horizon shifts, and you un-self-conscious check if he was alright. clearly it’s a video of discovery, buildup and (given your title) suspense, and then an off-the-charts spike of a climax. and all in less than a minute! a hollywood producer would spend big bucks to recreate something like this. i love it i love it!!

    • bowsprite said, on 2010/02/10 at 08:40

      hey, BrithdayBoy! i think this comment earns you a little gold statue. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. JP said, on 2010/02/10 at 09:22

    What a brilliant video of what was clearly an amazing experience – rather jealous!

    Very much reminded me of Arthur Ransome’s Winter Holiday where they too had many a ice capsize.

    Hope Galatea and crew will be out there again soon

  4. Buck said, on 2010/02/10 at 11:18

    That is amazing video. So glad everyone is well! Galatea will sail again and I hope you will, too.

  5. Mage B said, on 2010/02/10 at 12:39

    Wonderful video. So very glad that you two were fine after that crash, and that Galatea will be healed hopefully sooner rather than later. Golden wine does heal….I remember it well.

  6. Capt. Mike said, on 2010/02/10 at 21:18

    Well I guess any boat accident you walk away from is a good one. Also glad Tugster cleared up that the BIG container of wine you were holding was not just for your consumption. I was beginning to imagine there would be a photo posted of a passed out Bowsprite being dragged off the ice like a shanghied sailor who had imbibed too much at some divey waterfront bar. 🙂

    • bowsprite said, on 2010/02/10 at 21:31

      Capt Mike! yes, alas, i am such a lightweight. I’m working on my stamina, though, that is, if Tugster lets me! : D

  7. tugster said, on 2010/02/10 at 21:41

    hee hee shee shee . . . and who leaped on galatea for the fateful ride? . . . none other than the fleet-footed one, aka bowsprite, who just left me using all my so-called stamina slipping and sliding in place. and as to that bowl, best to check my latest at tugster.

  8. billcanoe said, on 2010/02/12 at 16:19

    Wow! Great stuff! Takes me back (1000 miles north and 30 years south) to when I had a DN iceboat.

    Please: next time wear a helmet.

    • bowsprite said, on 2010/02/12 at 20:58

      wise words! yes! I’ll append that as a tip, thank you! What is a DN iceboat?

      • billcanoe said, on 2010/02/12 at 23:56

        DNs are modern iceboats — Detroit News started the class in 1937. They are one-person, front steerers, 60sqft of sail. Turn on a dime, acceleration will drive your head back, and you have to suck on a lemon to get the grin off your face from sailing one. (Did you catch the latest Anthony Bourdain? He toured the lower Hudson Valley (sort of)…)

  9. Marcus said, on 2010/02/12 at 21:47


    I really, REALLY, like your sketches and water color paintings … I would love to learn to paint/draw in a similar way. Do you have any hints and tips how to get started?

    Thank you!!


  10. o docker said, on 2010/02/13 at 03:00

    Galatea (she who is milk white) was a mythical statue that came to life. Hope this Galatea comes to life again soon, and that your color returns after that harrowing ride.

    These may be the only boats that are more fun when they’re on the hard.

  11. […]   Will at the Tugster blog has some great photos of iceboats on the Hudson while Bowsprite has a great video of sailing the classic iceboat Galatea (even as it comes apart at speed).    While the classic Hudson River iceboats are beautiful, the […]

  12. soundbounder said, on 2010/02/23 at 07:57

    This is great!

  13. […] the Tugster blog has some great photos of iceboats on the Hudson while Bowsprite has a wonderful video of sailing the classic iceboat Galatea (even as it comes apart at speed).    While the classic Hudson River iceboats are beautiful, the […]

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