grey day

Posted in Fleet Week, warships by bowsprite on 2010/02/07

from Fleet Week 2008

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  1. cold is the sea said, on 2010/02/07 at 11:07

    Very cool! I love how your work is whimsical, yet accurate.

  2. Mage B said, on 2010/02/07 at 13:48

    I love visiting the Navy….especially your version. 🙂

  3. Nancy Couse said, on 2010/02/08 at 12:10

    It was a day to remember at Tivoli Bays. The Ice boats were great to ride on. It was a too bad the boat you were on broke. It hadn’t been on the ice in over 100 years until last week. It was nice to meet you. Keep in contact.

  4. Mage B said, on 2010/02/08 at 13:55

    ….and did I see you iceboating?

  5. Michael said, on 2010/02/09 at 19:23

    Nancy, when I read your comment my eyes saw “I hadn’t been on the ice in over 100 years until last week” so I was going to suggest that maybe for you: not so much with the ice sailing.

    Then I read it correctly.

    Out east there were a few iceboats on the inner bays, but the sailors said there were plenty of “open” spots (ie wet, ie not so much ice etc.)

    Meanwhile with the Navy, what’s with “Beware of jet blast and rotors”? I would think they are the main attraction. It should say “Ladies and Gentlemen: Jet Blast and Rotors!”

  6. Signs « tugster: a waterblog said, on 2010/02/18 at 16:02

    […] 18, 2010 in Blogroll, Hornbeck, K-Sea, humor, photos In a recent post, bowsprite put up a message, which set me off in search of omens and other signs of the times, starting from the one in green […]

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