tallships toile, frazil pizza print

Hello, Toile-Lovers! go to Spoonflower to vote for this week’s Fabric of the Week. I think the contest ends thursday. Spoonflower is a site where you can design your own fabric, and buy it: no minimum order! the marvels of the modern age!! I like that you can vote for as many designs as you like.

the Tallships Toile features the Bounty, Lettie, Picton Castle, Pioneer and the Wavertree!!! click on it at the Spoonflower site if you like it; if you do: thank you!

Coming soon: the VOSS print! Be the first in your waterfront condominium to upholster your sofa in the latest and greatest in oil spill recovery!! the VOSS print features heros as the USCG Rankin, the Bainbridge and your friendly neighborhood Medium Response Unit!!! (VOSS – Vessel of Opportunity Skimming System, as brought to your dock by the National Strike Force)

Coming soon: the Driftwood print! drape your windows with the Driftwood print, throw a cocktail party, and wow your guests as you walk out in the matching dress or smoking jacket!!!

and this just in! do you recognize this print?

yes! it’s Frazil Pizza! as created by the talented textile artist, ODocker, who reads blogs before lunch. Order your rolls of Frazil Pizza fabrics today! Toss those lines in style! upholster your boat cushions! wallpaper your galley or marine head with this eye-catching print!

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  1. tugster said, on 2010/01/16 at 07:54

    i just made the connection between yr toile and the baci/bounty subterfuge in my book review . . link forthcoming. odocker’s design . . . my local pizza place can cover their walls with it. BUT the deckhand lacking proper pfd while handling line, i LOVE her pepperoni colored tresses!

  2. O Docker said, on 2010/01/16 at 17:31

    I hope my pizza hasn’t puzzled your readers too much.

    I was intrigued by your photo of frazle ice and, before lunch, it got me to thinking of pizza for some reason, so I started noodling with it in Photoshop. But where you’ve taken it, I never could have imagined. Does this mean I get a spot on Project Runway? Will we be seeing oil spill chic at Bryant Park this season?

    Your toiles sparkle like les étoiles.

    • bowsprite said, on 2010/01/16 at 17:35

      and your frazil pizza print does not puzzle, it dazzles. It’s nuclear.

  3. O Docker said, on 2010/01/16 at 17:34

    Oops, frazil ice – I’m frazzled!

  4. whalen said, on 2010/01/17 at 16:15

    mmmm, pizza and string cheese!

  5. Capt. Mike said, on 2010/01/18 at 15:27

    On my list of things to do (for a few years) on board BIANKA is to make some proper curtains for the ports. Somehow the paper towels and an occasional dish towel currently used for these purpose just does not seem right. But, some personally designed fabric using the Spoonflower site might be just the thing for the world’s first electrically propelled Nonsuch 30. Thanks Bowsprite for letting us fabric challenged sailors know about the site.

  6. capeannpainter said, on 2010/01/18 at 17:52

    Great Stuff. Love the Tallships!

  7. Mage B said, on 2010/01/19 at 13:44

    I’m charmed AND i voted. 🙂

  8. Buck said, on 2010/01/19 at 15:04

    Who wouldn’t like toile ships? I voted, too. As a fabric, I like this design. Some of the others were too busy.

    • bowsprite said, on 2010/01/31 at 02:48

      Thank you, Paul, Mage, & Buck! don’t you love the name? Toile!

  9. Cold is the Sea said, on 2010/01/21 at 07:26

    I love the draftsmanship on your toile print illustrations! Especially your work on the waves- Sometimes I think drawing the sea is the best part of nautical illustration- at first it’s frustrating, but once you get into a groove, it’s kind of hypnotic. Love ’em! Next time I’m due for sheets, I’m going to get the VOSS set (even though I can see my wife rolling her eyes, in my head).

    • bowsprite said, on 2010/01/31 at 02:12

      Oh, thank you, Cold is the Sea! –but I think i’m with your wife on that one!! it was very fun putting it together, but errr… perhaps something more hidden away, like a line of VOSS boxer shorts or something? However, I am honored you’d consider VOSS sheets! thank you! And, alas, the waves are not mine! they are from the beautifully illustrated “Oars, Sails and Steam”, written and illustrated by Edwin Tunis 1952, World Publishing Company, Cleveland & NY. A very beautiful book. Water is hard, I’m still at that ‘frustrating’ stage with it…

  10. Joey said, on 2010/01/25 at 20:59

    Hey C!

    Just checkin it to say hey and that we haven’t forgotten about you in Gloucester
    (your home away from home)

    Did you put in for thr Rocky Neck Residency program yet??????

    Get on it!

    • bowsprite said, on 2010/01/31 at 02:36

      I thought of you! thought of making a Toiling Lobsterman Toile! ok. I’ll get a move on it! Hope you’re all well there!!

  11. Paul Sciville said, on 2010/02/01 at 02:55

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting. I happened upon your site through yahoo and I wanted say i’m liking what I see.

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