animals of the working harbor

Posted in arts of the sailor, equipment & gear, harbor wildlife, new york harbor by bowsprite on 2009/11/26

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Gratitude and homage to those working today, and a peek at the beasts of burden that aid them on the water:

This post is being updated with all your suggestions–Thank you! I’m stumped by some of them (Jed!!), and cannot find a few of the ones mentioned. The new post is “a nautical bestiary“.

Thank you, everyone, and ODocker, Kennebec Captain, Jed, Willi, PaulYar!, Marc, Tugster and Towmasters.

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  1. Pat said, on 2009/11/27 at 00:46

    I believe camels could also be used to provide support to ships in olden days, for example helping lift a ship over a shallow bar or providing support for repairs or maintenance.

  2. Corto said, on 2009/11/27 at 08:24

    Very cool stuff!

  3. O Docker said, on 2009/11/27 at 13:25

    Great list! Here are a few otters:

    dog the hatches
    clamshell dredge
    crab into the current
    white horses (whitecaps)

    • bowsprite said, on 2009/11/28 at 01:51

      thank you, Pat, Corto y ODocker!
      yes! thanks! forgot ‘crabbing’!
      i suppose we could then add in ‘bitching’.

  4. capeannpainter said, on 2009/11/27 at 15:31

    I know what a Monkeyfist is! I met her along with you and the Tugster. It was great to meet you three. I was surprized when Joey told me you were comming down that day. I DID’NT THINK THAT THEY LET NYC PEOPLE OVER THE BRIDGE AFTER LABOR DAY! I wish I had more time to plan a better tour for you guys. But I’m glad that you thought Stage Fort Park was the best part of the Tour. 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing what you got on film.
    Take Care,

    • bowsprite said, on 2009/11/28 at 01:47

      Hey Paul! what a great tour, thank you! Nice to see the sites where you set up to paint, and where Jay shoots his Images! What a great time! thanks to you, Joey, da homies and Gloucester!

  5. Kennebec Captain said, on 2009/11/27 at 17:12

    The old quiz, name the animals on the bow wildcat, fish plate, bull nose, monkey’s fist, was there more then five? can’t remember.

  6. Kennebec Captain said, on 2009/11/27 at 17:34

    Dog, the other animal on the bow. Pardon the crudeness, the slimy greasy bologna the Steward leaves in the fridge for the night crew is often referred to as horse cock, at least I think (hope) it’s bologna.

    • bowsprite said, on 2009/11/28 at 01:42

      oh, this opens up a completely NEW topic!!! terms of endearment/euphemisms for things that emerge from the galley!!!

    • Monkey Fist said, on 2009/11/28 at 21:05

      No, that REALLY IS horsecock

      • bowsprite said, on 2009/11/29 at 09:00

        hey, i’m not picky.
        (probably better off with real meat than processed chemicals.)

  7. Capt. Mike said, on 2009/11/27 at 18:35

    Glad to see you are back posting Bowsprite. I was concerned that you had not thawed after your swim in Gloucester Harbor. Worse was the thought that perhaps Tugster had you Shanghaied onto some fishing vessel so he could have the NY waterfront to himself for awhile. Great post and so informative. Next time I sail into the sixth borough I’ll sure be keeping an eye out for one of them thar whales. The manufactured ones. Finding one floating in the harbor would sure go a long way in paying for dockage once it is sold.

    • bowsprite said, on 2009/11/28 at 01:46

      Capt Mike! finding a floating yokohama is easier than finding dockage here! we look fwd to seeing you!

  8. Mage B said, on 2009/11/27 at 21:43

    Delightful, charming, soul building, humor encouraging reality. All these little details I’ve always taken for granite. I’ve always known about zincs, but I didn’t know it was a zinc fish. What fun……..thank you.

  9. Michael said, on 2009/11/29 at 11:08

    There might be a powder monkey scurrying about.

  10. paulthepirate(yar!) said, on 2009/11/29 at 22:15

    Oh, Kennebec Captain beat me to the Boloney Pony. Dammit. Can’t forget the Fish Plates, either.

  11. Jed said, on 2009/11/30 at 15:55

    Worm and parcel with lay
    turn and serve the other way

    monkey Lines (manropes)
    flounder plate

  12. […] an attempt to broaden the term, given  Bowsprite’s recent treat on inanimate harbor “animal” life. If looking for specific "word" in archives, search […]

  13. Willi said, on 2009/12/05 at 06:18

    I have enjoyed quizing myself and others about the animals on your ark…

    please add

    Donkey Engine
    Sheet Horse
    Brass Monkey
    Fish Tackle
    Cow Hitch
    Cat O 9 Tails
    Elephant Table



    • bowsprite said, on 2009/12/05 at 09:07

      thank you, Willi!
      (what’s an elephant table?? a quick search only turns up a horrid severed elephant foot obscenely topped with a striped cushion with fringes…brrr.)

  14. Michael said, on 2009/12/05 at 12:43

    I hate fringes.

  15. capeannpainter said, on 2009/12/05 at 21:23

    Here’s one I just learned today. “Right Flat” an ATABOY FOR THE FIRST ONE THAT GETS IT.

  16. capeannpainter said, on 2009/12/11 at 18:10

    “Right Flat” When a fishing vessel returns with a full load.

  17. tugster said, on 2009/12/11 at 19:27

    and i thought it was an apartment you find that’s just perfect and has an ocean view with bass rocks in the foreground and you were at the point of giving up any hope of finding sucha place. as in “it’s just the RIGHT FLAT for us!!

  18. capeannpainter said, on 2009/12/11 at 20:51

    Here’s an example. The Plan B Loaded down with Herring and equipment;

    Plan B low in water

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