oil spill containment boom & parts

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2009/11/15


whatzit? peek here.

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  1. Bob Easton said, on 2009/11/15 at 06:32

    Ahhhhh. So, now you’ve taken up weight lifting. Heavy duty stuff.

  2. tugster said, on 2009/11/15 at 07:05

    along those lines, you’ve taken up dismantling weight lift gear? undoing something you must have in order to scatter the parts hither and yonder. what ARE you taking apart? dismembering a soul-less machina? the parts are nice, though.

  3. O Docker said, on 2009/11/15 at 14:48

    Geesh Bob, pay attention. Could it be this is the big boom that was coming?

  4. Mage B said, on 2009/11/15 at 19:27

    I do like these cadmium red parts. Delightful stuff. 🙂

  5. Buck said, on 2009/11/16 at 13:46

    Looks like a piece of radio tower there in front. I’ve lifted far too many of them!

  6. capeannpainter said, on 2009/11/16 at 19:41

    If anyone was wondering what Bowsprite was doing today…….

  7. Joey said, on 2009/11/17 at 16:03

    Hey C, not sure how it didn’t happen before, but you are now officially listed in the Blogroll 🙂

    along with “Da Tugsta”

    and you birds are welcome back any time.

  8. Mage B said, on 2009/11/18 at 10:09

    Loved that video. Both G and I were cheering you on while thinking you were nutz.

  9. Capt. Mike said, on 2009/11/18 at 18:47

    This year I managed to swim off of BIANKA (the world’s first electrically propelled Nonsuch 30) until about the third week in October. I thought that was pretty good. Until I saw you take the dip in Gloucester Harbor. Anyone who can go for a swim in Gloucester Harbor in the middle of November is a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to me to maybe keep swimming off of BIANKA a little later next year. You are now on my blogroll and I tip my cap to you.

    Capt. Mike

  10. bowsprite said, on 2009/11/18 at 19:18

    thanks to everyone, but i’m completely embarrassed…this is nothing–

    Julie Sheldon a few weeks ago swam 17.5 M in 6hours 14 minutes, water temperature was 55°–through the major shipping channel, from Battery to Breezy Point: rough waters.

    Two friends, Rachel Golub and Cristian Vergara spent almost 2 hours in the 40° waters of the Strait of Magellan!

    I’m just floating abit, buoyed by a ring of beer flab. Come to Brighton Beach and Coney Island to join in the fun. CIBBOWS is the source of inspiration and camaderie!

    • Glenn Mariano said, on 2009/11/20 at 16:59

      Hi, bowsprite!
      You are nothing if not committed to swimming and enjoying nature. I admire that. Reminds me of when I, along with Nara, and Amy dove on Pioneer’s prop in the Chesapeake. Brrrr! Hope all is well with you and family. Have a great winter! Happy Holidays!


      • bowsprite said, on 2009/11/20 at 21:06

        Capt Glenn! Ahh! the beloved schooner Pioneer, the swim platform of choice for 6th boro divers!!!
        warm greetings everyone!!! thx for writing–i am SO sorry: I will finish the VOSS, booms, et cetera soon…!

  11. Michael said, on 2009/11/25 at 16:25

    I was wondering where the new art was! Clearly you were enjoying a well-deserved thaw.
    Very impressive!

  12. tugster said, on 2009/11/25 at 17:51

    and with michael, should i conclude the swim left the blog frozen?

  13. Turinas said, on 2009/11/26 at 10:48

    Oy gevalt! Christina, you are amazing! The water looks quite clear. I did this alst week but entirely unintentionally.

    happy thanksgiving

  14. Joey said, on 2009/11/26 at 12:18

    Happy Thanksgiving C!

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