warshakers and peacemaker

(post in progress! colors and names of ships to come!)


803Does the bow of Tromp look like a smiling shark?

I am not making it up:


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  1. tugster said, on 2009/10/13 at 22:44

    like a smiling shark that just ate. that’s why it’s smiling. and just to make sure it would not eat again, you ran a line in your artwork so as to keep yourself calm whilst rendering it. and . . . trompshark, what a specialized dorsal fin you have!

  2. bowsprite said, on 2009/10/14 at 06:07

    the better to blow you away, my dear.

  3. tugster said, on 2009/10/14 at 06:31

    is she the peacemaker . . . as in “i’ll blow you into pieces,” my trompshark?

  4. Michael said, on 2009/10/14 at 07:07

    Maybe some eyebrows over the chain hole (sorry…don’t know the Nauticalese for “chain hole”). For that matter I don’t know that sharks have eyebrows. Perhaps pilotfish lay their eggs in shark eyebrows?

    Why do people have eyebrows?

    • bowsprite said, on 2009/10/14 at 20:05

      why do men have nipples?

      From Nautipedia (that would not succeed as a site name, would it?): “The vessel is attached to the anchor by the rode which is made with chain, cable or line or a combination of these. The hole in the hull through which the anchor rode passes is called “hawsepipe” because thick mooring lines are called “hawsers”.

      Hey! “Heavy Weather Tactics Using Sea Anchors & Drogues” is illustrated by a fellow named Rhodes.

  5. […] shark?  Notice the heaving line en route just above the horizon.  Might there be someone dockside drawing lines . . . when they thought she said “catching” lines?  Language barriers exist […]

  6. capeannpainter said, on 2009/10/14 at 16:02

    Looks like a shark playing the Kazoo.

  7. Michael said, on 2009/10/14 at 20:25

    Nipples may be superfluous on a man, but perhaps their in honor of women’s nipples, which are worthy. But eyebrows? Fodder for bloggerfest…

  8. tugster said, on 2009/10/15 at 04:24

    as i said before, i love seeing the process . . . but about the M921 . . lobelia . . was there a dense swarm of flies hovering over the vessel, or is that belgian camouflage unmasked. now i just know it’s not a smudge.

  9. Amanda said, on 2009/10/15 at 13:46

    Hey Bowsprite, I love your site. I have been looking for a contact email address for you, but no luck. Can you email me?

  10. Jed said, on 2009/10/16 at 12:04

    Two items:
    I got to spend 3 days aboard HNLMS WITTE DE WITH (F813) back in 1989. WONDERFUL people aboard that ship. Coffee was pretty tasty too. Fabulous hospitality.

    Chain Pipe – pipe in which the anchor chain is roused from the chainlocker to the fo’c’sle.

    It is then fairled out of the hawsepipe to anchor.

  11. Jed said, on 2009/10/16 at 12:06


    via Wiki:

    Hawsepiper is an informal maritime industry term used to refer to a merchant ship’s officer who began his or her career as an unlicensed merchant seaman and did not attend a traditional maritime college/academy to earn the officer license. In the United States, after accumulating enough sea time in a qualified rating, taking required training courses, and completing on-board assessments, the mariner can apply to the United States Coast Guard for a license as a Third Mate or Third Assistant Engineer. If approved the applicant must then successfully pass a comprehensive license examination before being issued the license.

    A ship’s hawse pipe is the pipe passing through the bow section of a ship that the anchor chain passes through. Hawsepiper refers to climbing up the hawse pipe, a nautical metaphor for climbing up the ship’s rank structure.

  12. Buck said, on 2009/10/16 at 15:40

    I love seeing your work arrive like this!

  13. Mage B said, on 2009/10/18 at 10:50

    Those are all so happy. I’m out here cheering you on. Oh, you are the most delightful of naval illustrators. No one else could give us smiling war ships.

  14. O Docker said, on 2009/10/19 at 13:22

    I’ve always thought both men’s nipples and eyebrows are there to help with alignment.

  15. Mage B said, on 2009/10/19 at 18:44


  16. Vagabonde said, on 2009/10/19 at 23:02

    This is amazing how much alike they look. I like your shark better as it has a little air of self-contentment or just the hint of a smile, a la Mona Lisa. I just read that Mona Lisa could have been pregnant which is why she had this knowing smile and your shark too is a little more “full figure” if I may add than the original.

  17. MonkeyFist said, on 2009/10/22 at 12:07

    you draw like a blind retard with arthritis. Take art class plz.

    • bowsprite said, on 2009/10/22 at 12:35

      I did! with YOU, remember, you DOPE! now look where we are. Waterblogging. Duh.
      (If blind retards with arthritis read this, I’m not defending you. You are on your OWN.)

  18. MonkeyFist said, on 2009/10/22 at 12:48

    Hey, blind retards gotta eat too! maybe we should form a union, Blind Retarded Waterblogging Artsy Fartsy Chicks
    I will head the New England Chapter, Blind Wicked Retarded Waterblogging Artsy Fartsy Chicks

  19. bowsprite said, on 2009/10/22 at 12:57

    I am not going near this logo. You do it.

  20. tugster said, on 2009/10/22 at 12:57

    this is getting too deep; throw me a life ring with eyelashes.

  21. MonkeyFist said, on 2009/10/22 at 13:08

    drops hanky, giggles, drools
    dispatches the giant, sarcoptic mange covered Newfie to rescue tugster

    • bowsprite said, on 2009/10/22 at 13:24

      a GIRL Newfie
      (newfoundland. I had to ask MF to clarify. I am also condensing MF’s comments together.)

  22. MonkeyFist said, on 2009/10/22 at 13:29

    The nursery dog Nana from Peter Pan was a Newfie. They are amazing dogs. A great logo for a waterblog would be a nwfie with a life ring around its neck.

    OOOH, you should keep a lookout for like a Newfie rescue demonstration event and do a blog post about it!!

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  24. […] while we’re looking at sterns, here’s an unexpected detail on Peacemaker, a boathouse behind the fold-down stern.  Bowsprite sends along this […]

  25. tugster said, on 2009/10/24 at 23:58

    it ain’t been said: a pre-pubescent shark with braces . . . still trying to be nice

  26. […] For another of her ink renderings of sixth boro details, click here. […]

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