hickory dickory O Docker

Posted in waterfront event by bowsprite on 2009/09/23

Hello, WaterLovers & Hydrophobes alike! There is a commentator that was such a voice in the waterblogged community that I had him on my blogroll even though he did not have a blog.

Now, however…it has been launched:


The blog of the Unblogger (this is the brilliant name Tillerman gave him), ODocker! ODock is a brand new blog. As of presstime, there are four posts up, and 74 comments. Voilà.

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  1. tugster said, on 2009/09/23 at 22:13

    here hear . . . welcome o’docker . . . but bowsprite . . . might we see more of this lovely vessel called the MV or SS or SV ODock?

  2. O Docker said, on 2009/09/23 at 23:43

    Tugster, my vessel is not so lovely that you’d want to see any more of it.

    And I think Bowsprite can find much more entertaining outlets for her talents.

    But Bowsprite, thanks a bunch for this great shoutout. My face is about the color you’ve painted it on the bow.

    • bowsprite said, on 2009/09/23 at 23:55

      I almost made it chartreuse! so glad I didn’t.

  3. canyon cottage said, on 2009/09/24 at 14:42

    Thanks for stopping by my site! You have some amazing photo’s here!

  4. Mage B said, on 2009/10/13 at 09:49

    Nice launching. We all cheer. I also cheer to see you over at Tugsters place drawing. Stay warm.

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