fun with vocabulary


“The panes were finally removed. Alas, we had not calculated for the mullion, and the surprise was further delayed.”

bollardpull hpHildegard had more horsepower, but Gigi topped the tons in bollard pull, and the two were in a catty fight to spin the tanker either clockwise or counterclockwise.”


“She failed inspection miserably, even being faulted for sloppy catenary.”   Need your catenary calculated? book an appointment with the DoryMan.

disclaimer: usage might be wrong, corrections gratefully accepted.

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  1. O Docker said, on 2009/08/31 at 03:39

    Love the weeping ship – not a dry eye in the hawse.

  2. tugster said, on 2009/08/31 at 08:44

    you’ve cleared up some problems i’ve experienced of late: going to the barber and asking he give me a mullion, stopping at the freshfish place to choose something tasty from the bollard pool, trying to get treatment for my ill-disposed feline at the catenary . .. now i know why all these requests drew blank stares. keep up the good work; i’ve said plenty more things that’ve drawn the same vacant looks. there’s hope!

  3. Pat said, on 2009/08/31 at 14:50

    Oh the punishment; at least it wasn’t anchored in hawse-tile humor even if it was a bit catty-nary!

    Better to get a mullion than a mullet, at least. Thanks a mullion!

    Now, get ye off to the punitentiary.

  4. Vagabonde said, on 2009/08/31 at 21:19

    Well I am totally out of my league here – my English is not good enough, although if you said the same thing in French I still might not understand these nautical terms. I do like the dejected look of the green boat – so pitiful!

  5. Mage B said, on 2009/09/01 at 09:47

    Oh, I’m delighted with your drawings. They leave me grinning. And on top of it, I learned something.

  6. Michael said, on 2009/09/02 at 08:01

    Vagabonde, my English is fine, but I’m outpunned in this crowd.

    I’m off to figure out how Bollard Pull applies to windsurfing.

  7. Celeste Maia said, on 2009/09/03 at 06:36

    I had to get the dictionary to find out of “catenary” meant, so I just learned a new word.
    Your drawings are great, you make the huge tanker human, I felt sorry for her being fought over by Hildegard and Gigi!

  8. Celeste Maia said, on 2009/09/09 at 01:08

    You have a prize waiting for you in my blog. I hope you will enjoy it. Celeste

  9. tugster said, on 2009/09/14 at 23:07

    ma chere . . . j’ai deja appris ces mots. je veux bien d’autres choses a apprendre. j’aimerais bien les jolies dessins des bateux hollandais . . . ou bien belges. n’importe . . . mais j’ai faim pour quelgue chose de nouvelle . .

  10. doryman said, on 2009/09/15 at 13:24

    Thank you for the inspiration! (and the catenation).

  11. […] salt marsh and onto the bright hues and hieroglyphics of large ships’ hull.  (Hmm . . . has Bowsprite been doodling art shapes on this […]

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