Three Ships in Town for the 4th of July

Posted in tallships by bowsprite on 2009/07/03

Happy Fourth of July!!!

bel espoir+bountyBeautiful three masted ships, the Bounty and Bel Espoir II are now at Pier 66 on North River. If you go to 26th street, and walk west towards the Hudson River and sit at the outdoor pier cafe for lunch right next to these lovely ships, it might look like this.

Above the escutcheon of the Bounty are golden carvings of the sun, flanked on either side by cornucopias (horns of plenty), with fruits and flowers spilling off to port and starboard.

Bel Espoir, a ship of ‘good hope’ or ‘beautiful hope’ and good vibes.


The Portuguese Navy Sail Training Ship Sagres is docked at Passenger Ship Terminal, pier 84, on 44th street, directly across from the Intrepid.

Also seen: the Dutch ketch Saeftinge and the A. J. Meerwald.

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  1. tugster said, on 2009/07/03 at 23:09

    i like the pairs: bounty and espoir . . . peg and c. race, iwo jima and roosevelt . . . and earlier harvey and fry pan. keep the pairings coming.

  2. Fireboat « tugster: a waterblog said, on 2009/07/04 at 11:38

    […] a.m. sharp departure was delayed by sizeable traffic in the middle of the channel (just forward of Bel Espoir 2) , […]

  3. Mage B said, on 2009/07/04 at 15:19

    Marvelous espirt. You leave me smiling.

  4. Celeste Maia said, on 2009/07/05 at 17:13

    What beautiful drawings of boats! Imagine my pleasure at seeing the “Sagres” where I once traveled for two days with a special group, it was an unforgetable experience. I enjoy so much your “reports” of sightings in the harbour! I can smell the salt in the air, the humidity, the ropes.
    Just returned from a trip to the “past”, where I enjoyed life lived at a low pitch. it was great.

  5. […] avoid some national embarrassments such as the following:  HMS Baci was previously known as  . . . HMS Bounty.  You’re thinking . . . but Fletcher Christian and his mutineers burned Bounty after […]

  6. bowsprite said, on 2010/03/13 at 22:34

    Eagle (Horst Wessel), Mircea (Romania), Tovarishch (orig Gorsch Foch), and Gorsch Fock, and Bismark were sister ships of Sagres III (Albert Leo Schlageter )

    look here:

  7. […] here’s bowsprite’s drawing of Bounty from three years […]

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