ugly ships: log in your opinion

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2009/02/12

Off topic: these offshore vessels might not be plying our waters anytime soon, but here is a call to you, Denizens of NYHarbor! What do you think of the “revolutionary” X-Bow design? Go to and take the poll, and see how others are rating it. The poll closes on Valentine’s Day, saturday! ulsteinx

Ugly? Beautiful? or, as the stalwart SeaBart pronounces them: Half-Ugly?!

Your host of is the irreverent and searing SeaBart who has penned things that have made me smirked in wicked glee or guffawed outright. He makes me clean my screen.

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  1. […] Caught the deep-water service vessel Viking Poseidon entering Galveston recently. She’s one of those distinctive X-bow types that’s become poular in Northern European waters in recent years, especially for operations int he North Sea. Bowsprite was there first, back in February,  posing the critical question: Ugly? Beautiful? Half-ugly? […]

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