Darwin, Galileo, the Vatican, The NYBotannical Garden, the Bronx River

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2009/02/12

Cheers for Darwin!  Old Salt Blog does a beautiful post on Darwin and his ship on which he circumnavigated our world, the HMS Beagle. Look here for the progress of the new 2009 replica of the 1831 HMS Beagle.

This beautiful image by the illustrator Istvan Orosz is from an announcement of a Darwin exhibit last year at the NYBotannical Garden, up in the Bronx. I love these gardens. There, you will find areas of the orignal forests of our island. Go there, and stand on the banks of the Bronx River if you want to pretend you are a Lenape, taking five before you go harvest something for dinner. There is much to report on the Bronx River; I will post more in the future.

Darwin’s theories, however, met with resistance from the church–until recently. Next month, the Vatican will host a conference to mark the sesquicentennial of Darwin’s book. You know, that nature book, Oranges and Peaches. The gathering will be held March 3-6 at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy.

The Vatican is on the go! 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, which celebrates 400 years since Galileo first used a telescope to study the heavens, and the Vatican plans to join in commemorating the anniversary. Galileo went through the wringer for his ideas that we moved around the sun, not sun around us. But now, the Vatican is going to build a statue in his honor.

the statue info is here:
the wringer info is here:

Good news, good news! the chariot’s coming–’round!

Thank you, Joe “Global Warming” Beyer, for the Vatican tip! Argh! my links don’t work! Istvan Orosz’s website is

Mr. Darwin: Why did we leave the water at all? I know: our computers would short.

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  2. dylan said, on 2009/04/18 at 03:36

    I love your watercolours

    I am an occasional visitor to your sailing blog and wondered if my ongoing video blog of my UK circumnavigation would be of any interest to you – it might pass a moment between showers

    This year they are transferring to high definition and they are here


  3. Bakelite Gal said, on 2010/05/10 at 11:30

    What a beautiful image of Darwin. I must look up the illustrator ! Many thanks

  4. mageb said, on 2013/02/13 at 11:48

    Oh, you make me laugh. And smile too every time I see my calendar.

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