happy 70th birthday, Mary Whalen!

Posted in new york harbor, portside newyork, tankers by bowsprite on 2008/12/07


Built in 1938, this lovely 172′ tanker once delivered fuel products up and down the Atlantic Coast. She’s in good condition, and there are some serious plans for her. Look here for more info:

And what does the Mary Whalen, the Lilac:

lilacland the Nantucket all have in common?

nantucketlAnswer: they have all been given homes at one point by the very generous CEO of American Stevedoring, the company that operates the Red Hook containerport. Paraphrased from Carolina Salguero of the Whalen: Few people know how much Sal Catucci has done to help historic vessels…he has provided free berth, electricity, loan of tools, a lot of free labor. The first vessel Sal generously provided a home for was the lightship Nantucket (now, a lighthouse museum) in about 2000. Next was the Steamship Lilac, before she moved to her present home on Pier 40. Whalen is the 3rd historic vessel to which he has given a free home. Thank you, Sal!

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  1. Mage Bailey said, on 2008/12/07 at 22:08

    Tugster says you are now an official blogger. Lovely posted and drawings. So glad you are here. 🙂

  2. tugster said, on 2008/12/08 at 06:07

    welcome to the boro officially! your blog portfolio (blofolio?) will be created post by post no matter the frequency between posts, and it will be all good. yeeha! i’m so glad yer here!

  3. Brian Floca said, on 2008/12/08 at 12:13


    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind comments. I responded there, but just in case you don’t make a return trip, let me say here also thanks again, and that I’m very glad to have discovered your work! I love the drawings and the watercolors. Observant but not obsessive, accurate but relaxed. They’re great. I look forward to seeing more!


  4. Tim Shaw said, on 2009/02/02 at 21:31

    Hi Bowsprite-

    Fantastic blog! Love the drawings. Chine bLog ( will happily be featuring you! Best wishes and welcome to our virtual harbor.


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