Two Tug Captains on the Waterfalls

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2008/08/13

I had so wanted to know what the tugmen think of the waterfalls. Then, on the morning of august 8, this priceless gem of a conversation came through on Channel 13:

tug 1 – “What do you think of them waterfalls?”
tug 2 – “Well, what can I say?…you don’t get ’em like that in the Bayou…”
tug 1, laughing – “Hahaha…noooo, you don’t.”
tug 2 – “I mean, 10 million–it don’t get better.”
tug 1 – “No, it don’t. We don’t get nothing like that–”
tug 2 – “Noope. But you got oil down there!”

–If you are the men who spoke these words, could I draw your boats and give you prints?

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  1. tugster said, on 2008/08/14 at 06:09

    you are a sly artist and a wise sprite, iMHO (in my humble opinion)

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