W.O. Decker

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2008/07/31

A photoshoot of the Pioneer was scheduled, and the Decker was to carry the photographer to shoot her.

The Decker beckoned to people ashore and offered to take them along for the ride, and among those who answered the call were a group of monks. As the old tug moved swiftly to rendezvous with the Pioneer, the monks laughed and frollicked about the narrow deck, their grey robes whipping everywhere, above the spray. Michael was on the bow, fretting about the photographer climbing on the pilothouse and the flying grey dervishes; Josh was at the wheel, as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

Who were the monks? where did they come from? Michael said, “I dont know, but one of them used to be a lobsterfisherman before he became a monk.”

Follow me, and you shall be a fisher of people.

I would have loved to have followed them in our survey boat, for it was such a striking sight, and they seemed to be so ebullient. The Decker is a happy boat, something you almost think you can take into your bathtub. However, we parted ways at the Battery…it was another new york moment.

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  1. wil said, on 2008/08/11 at 10:25

    one of my favorite new england fish is called a monkfish . . . you might say turned from lobsta fisherman to monk and monk fisherman? hope yer trip went sweet

  2. Elizabeth said, on 2008/08/13 at 20:30

    Or maybe the crew of the decker were the monk fishers?
    Bowsprite, I love your artwork!

  3. bowsprite said, on 2008/08/13 at 20:42

    Oh, you two are the best! thanks for getting me hooked. (I cannot think of a pun back to equal these!!!) xo

  4. Michael said, on 2008/08/19 at 09:46

    Decker is Tug of the Year at the Tugboat Roundup in Waterford check it out at and vote for Decker in the peoples choice in the left side of the page.

  5. TH said, on 2008/09/18 at 14:46

    Love the artwork!

  6. tugster said, on 2009/02/05 at 22:14

    i know i’ve commented here before, but every time i go past this watercolor, the yellow especially makes me warm. the juxtaposition of the warm colors and the grey monks moves me. this more than any other image here evokes happy days with me.

  7. […] martingale.  And the crew and passengers huddled in the yellow slickers give the impression of all members of the same religious order, reminiscent of one of my favorite all-time Bowsprite drawings here.  Rain […]

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