CG Staten Island

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2008/06/15

This is what happens when you make a watercolor in the rain:

The Coast Guard cutter Staten Island (homeport, North Carolina), was being hosed down at Pier 59.
A wet, wet day. As dear Rigmor said, “I can hear the skvulpz.

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  1. Ida Lewis « tugster: a waterblog said, on 2009/02/21 at 17:41

    […] Bowsprite, who did this watercolor of WPB 1345, and in time will tease many more projects from her brushes. If looking for specific “word” […]

  2. Astri Wright said, on 2009/06/12 at 10:05

    Bowsprite, your drawings are so alive, far more so than most illustrations – they convey spirit. The blue splotches in this drawing – which (unlike the carefully drawn parts of the boat) are neither recognizable renditions of air or water but have been applied with the same random ‘wet’ science each element embodies – are one example of your almost zen-like artistry which your blog readers enjoy so much! And which an art historian is trained to desire to attempt to capture in words…. 🙂

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