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Bowsprite was born in NYC on Riverside Drive, grew up in Jackson Heights, Queens, and did not realize the Long Island Sound was just a monkeyfist’s throw away for the first four decades. Duh! But, there are so many of us New Yorkers like that, so I began this blog to show what surrounds us.

Our waters are amazing! Our waters have protected, nurtured, nourished us, and still today, bring us much of what we need to survive and flourish.
What is on the water? who’s out there? what is going on on the waterfront? Come to the water. Get on the water. Get IN the water!

I love the old boats we have, I admire the knowledge of people who know how to fix, maintain, and run some of these boats and ships. I admire the working harbor, and I’ve been lucky to find a little boat to work on, a little orange hydrosurveying vessel. There is a vibrant community of what Tugster calls “the 6th boro”, and it is thanks to them that I learn of the things that I record. I love ships, I love stories, I love the water, and with this blog, I get to combine it all!

I got into this watery world quite late. It began with the books of Jacques Cousteau, Dr. Eugenie Clark, Patrick o’Brien, but really became an obsession when I joined a team of swimmers to swim around Manhattan, and studied my first chart. I owe much to the people I’ve met who work on the Pioneer, Peking, Wavertree, & the Michele Jeanne who generously pass on their knowledge, passion and friendship.

This doodle is of a tin toy, a German christmas ornament. It dangles from my lamp, over a large pile of drawings of boats and ships I hope to post up soon!

Thank you for checking in! Thank you, Elizabeth and Will for helping me to begin this blog! Thank you, Dr. Wanderson, for the tag, Bowsprite.

(& in memory…)

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  1. Ivy said, on 2009/02/12 at 09:57

    I found it. this was in the 1st page.

    love the artwork – makes me look at BOATs which I have not taken a second to look at in my life —

    obama ! — phine


  2. tugster said, on 2009/02/16 at 15:49

    as i scrolled to this, i wonder if zeebart or anyone has ever reflected on the similarity b/w this drawing and the ulstein xbow design. it’s identical! you’re a visionary, mayhaps, far ahead of your time when you drew it. a new career looms?

  3. Bruce Dillahunty said, on 2009/02/17 at 21:37

    Great site! Found a link from Chine bLog.

    Put a link to you on my site:

    Thanks for the artwork… great touch!

  4. […] on deck of the vessel with  odd-blue hull and bluff bow like an aak or a dear friend’s icon.  The black background lacks much detail, maybe part of an immense monolith.  Enough […]

  5. […]  Wow!!  And now that I think on this a bit, doesn’t it look vaguely like Bowsprite’s avatarship? If looking for specific "word" in archives, search […]

  6. Chason said, on 2009/11/21 at 21:31

    Beautiful work. I’m happy to find your site.

  7. Marc said, on 2010/03/13 at 19:48

    The longer the stew takes, the greater the taste….

    Your blog is enigmatic, shows me a different perspective of something I thought I knew, shows the beauty of it…

  8. tugster said, on 2010/03/13 at 23:30

    enigmas wrapped in conundrums obscured in riddles that are themselves cloaked in exotic invisibility … me plait. :))

  9. Marc said, on 2010/03/16 at 01:36

    Come again ?
    Perceptions ?

  10. tugster said, on 2010/03/16 at 10:14

    dag marc. we’re on the same page i think . . .

  11. Marc said, on 2010/03/18 at 01:02


    ja, op dezelfde frequentie, volgens mij.

    Als we gewoon Nederlands praten, kan niemand ons begrijpen hier, niet ?


    • bowsprite said, on 2010/03/18 at 01:07

      Onnozel! dit is het internet! er zijn vertalingsplaatsen!

  12. Marc said, on 2010/03/18 at 01:11

    “Onnozel” is een adjectief. Het moet zijn “onnozele”.
    Dit is echter dialect.

    Beter is gewoon “dwaas”.

    Ah, I forgot, one strugges with all the new possibilities um !


    “Vertalingsplaatsen” Who the heck invented that word ? It sounds s wrong…

  13. Marc said, on 2010/03/18 at 01:12

    Must congratulate you,
    you are running triple number of visitors as me,
    though you work probably ten times harder on your site than I do.

    • bowsprite said, on 2010/03/18 at 01:25

      i play ten times harder than you.
      (But your dredge spoil is bigger!)

  14. alice o said, on 2010/03/22 at 12:41

    whoever took that lovely foto? i’ve been thinking to get some glam shots revealing my bulbousness and you know, curves. could you ask if you fotogiraffer is available? interested?

    • bowsprite said, on 2010/03/22 at 13:32

      alice, you shameless hussy! that fotographer has long pined for you, you cold hulk of steel. He has shot all your curves, wrote you sonnets, and still harbors the wounds of his unrequited love. But it is not too late. I assure you, if you place your 48000 t deadweight upon his lap, he will not push you off.

  15. alice 0h said, on 2010/03/23 at 08:29

    moi . . . ich?? shameless hussy? @!@!! i have my standards. teasing trollop, to some maybe. i can think of some smaller boats in the boro6 much less .. er “discriminating” (i won’t use the pr.. word) than my bulbousness, but a bulker moves slowly through every plane, including affective ones. have you ever considered tankers and their ilk as tantric? well bulkers are even more extreme.

  16. Marc said, on 2010/11/23 at 02:50

    Is this coincidence: the similarity between your photo and the little mermaid from Copenhagen; or am I just the first to notice ?

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